Standard Snap Hook
Most commonly used for shoulder strap assemblies, the Snap Hook has a smooth spring action that allows easy attachment to either a D-ring or triangle hardware. 

3/4" 60 each
1" 65 each
1.5" 70 each
2" 75 each

Surelink™ Snap Hook
A unique snap hook that uses a steel wire for strength and a plastic insert for the safety tongue.  This makes a strong snap hook that does not clash with other plastic hardware.  

1.5"     $1.00 each


Plasti-Metallica Hook
This piece of hardware incorporates the spring steel latch of a carabineer with a hangman swiveling system to make a very strong hook for a variety of uses.  Works great with the Beastee-D.

1" 85 Each
1.5" $1.00 Each
2" $1.20 Each

Hangman Snap Hook
A simple design and smooth lines make this swivel Snap Hook an attractive yet functional piece of hardware.  The spring is easy to operate and the webbing retainer is bowed to absorb shock. 

1"       70 each
1.5"    75
2"       85


Mini-Hangman Snap Hook
Besides a shorter hook portion, the mini-hangman is otherwise the same as the hangman snap hook.  Perfect for smaller bags where the larger snap hook would look out of place. 

3/4"     65 each
1"        70


Mitten Hook
This small single sided hook with ring works well for attaching small lightweight objects like mittens, to themselves, or keys to the inside of a pack or zippered pocket for easy access.

50 each


Flag Clip
A simple one piece construction makes this clip quite handy.  The round retainer makes it easy to attach it with webbing, cording, or even rope.  Available in black or white. 

60 each


Cord Hook
Slip either 1/8" shock cord or 1/8" cording through the hole in the bottom and tie a knot.  Provides an easy way to hook to other cording, or snaps tight to a d-ring, making a secure attachment point.  Available in black or white.  

65 each


Shock Cord Hook
Provides a quick and easy way to attach things with shock cord without using a metal crimp that can mar and scratch things that they come in contact with.  

1/4" (for use with 3/16" shock cord) 90 each
5/16" (for use with 1/4" shock cord) $1.25 each

Shock Cord Web Loop
Provides a way to attach 1" webbing to 3/16" shock cord. This adds a huge variety of possibilities for making any number of things that may need some give or stretch.  

90 each


Shock Cord Rivet Mount
This piece of hardware allows the termination of 3/16" shock cord and a way to secure it to any number of surfaces with a screw or rivet.

90 each


Please note that picture above shows two holes, but only the stainless steel piece has two holes. The nylon piece has one hole

Lash Hook
Screw this piece of hardware down and you have a quick way to lash objects down. Works well with shock cord.

Nylon available in black

Stainless steel also available

Nylon - one hole 50 each
Stainless Steel - two hole $1.00 each
Type and Color  

Gutter Hook
The vinyl coating over this metal hook stops it from marring the surface of the object that it is hooked to. 1" retainer for webbing on both sizes.

Comes in two sizes:

Small - 3/8" hook at its widest point $1.60 ea
Large - 5/8" hook at its widest point $2.10 ea.

Metal Snap Hooks
With the strength of metal, the smooth spring action of this snap hook make it a great solution for clipping almost anything. Nickel Plated finish. 1" also available in Stainless Steel finish.

3/4" $0.60 ea.
1" $0.65 ea.
1" Stainless $1.10 ea.
1.5" $0.70 ea.
2" $0.75 ea.

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