Single-Bar Slide - Hardware

Single Bar Slide
Provides length adjustment on webbing and can also be used to attach other pieces of hardware without sewing.   Available in black.  Special orders in white available by emailing us.

1/2" 30/each
5/8" 35/each
3/4" 40/each
1" 45/each
1.5" 55/each
2" 65/each

Wide-Mouth Single-Bar Slide - Hardware

Wide-Mouth Single Bar Slide
Provides length adjustment on thicker webbing and a lower profile look than the standard single bar slide buckle.  Works great on pet collars.  

5/8" 50/each
3/4" 55/each
1" 60/each

Type V Single Bar Slide
A heavy version of the single bar slide.  The type V is designed to withstand heavier loads and larger webbing.  Works great with the other Type V hardware.

1"   70 each


Sternum Strap Adjuster  
Simplifies the attachment of a sternum strap to a shoulder pad, with the use of a side loop.  Works great for any application where adjustment and an extra attachment point are needed. 

1" with 3/4" loop 50 each
1" with 1" loop 55 each


Siamese Slik Clip
A simple solution and easy field repair for a broken single bar slide, that requires no sewing.  It also makes it easy to add items to existing straps, daisy chains, or sewn in loops. 

1"  70 each


1" Metal Stamped Curved Single Bar
A stamped 1" single bar that adjusts webbing or allows attachment of other hardware with out sewing.

1" 30 each

Cast Metal Single Bar
The rounded finish of this single bar slide helps make it easier to adjust on webbing.

1/2" 25 each
5/8" 30 each
3/4" 35 each

Wide Mouth Metal Single Bar
Holds thicker webbing like 7400 Nylon or Tubular Webbing. Works well on pet collars.

1" 40 each

Standard Metal Single Bar
Adjusts the length of webbing on straps. Has added strength of metal and matches other metal hardware

1" 30 each
1.5" 40 each
2" 50 each

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