Mundial® Shears and Scissors
When you're serious about your sewing, you should be serious about what you are cutting with too. Click on thumbnails to enlarge pictures.

CushionSoft™ scissors and shears with enlarged finger bows and cushioned inserts are soft to the touch with a non-slip grip to provide hours of cutting comfort. This line of scissors and shears features stainless steel blades, and has been designed for maximum control and sharp, straight, accurate cutting.

#1889 Dressmaker 9"
$22.95 ea
#1860 Dressmaker 8"
$18.95 ea
#1865 Pinking 7.5"
$41.95 ea
#1863 All Purpose 7.5"
$16.95 ea
#1864 Hobby/Craft 5.5"
$13.95 ea

The Classic Forged line is Mundial's most complete assortment of scissors and shears, ranging from the traditional dressmaker to very specially developed sewing and craft scissors. All Classic Forged scissors and shears are hot drop forged and fully plated for a lifetime of sewing satisfaction.

#801 Thread Clips 4.5"
$24.95 ea
#837-6 Sewing Scissors 6"
$23.95 ea
#870-8 Dressmaker 8"
$33.95 ea
#585 Applique Scissors 6"
$31.95 ea
#826-4 Embroidery Scissors 4"
$19.95 ea
#108 Stork Embroidery Scissors 3.5"
$15.95 ea

This assortment is hot drop forged and fully nickel plated with black enameled handles for durable long-term value. Many of these industrial scissors and shears feature Mundial's Stay-Set pivot assembly, which is uniquely engineered to allow the ride to be adjusted to fit one's own ergonomic needs. Once it's set, it stays set… for comfortable cutting power under the most demanding industrial applications.

#314-8 High Leverage Utility Shears 8"
$37.95 ea
#496-9 Heavy Duty Bent Trimmers 9"
$40.95 ea
#498-10 Heavy Duty Bent Trimmers 10"
$49.95 ea
#498-12 Heavy Duty Bent Trimmers 12"
$55.95 ea



Red Dot Scissors and Shears feature cutlery quality stainless steel blades with matte black polypropylene handles that prevent slippage. All Red Dot scissors and shears have an adjustable pivot assembly protected by Mundial's signature "red button."

#666 Take-A-Part Kitchen / Utility Shears
$24.95 ea

The Titan-Edge line is our value-priced line, and it is ideal for all of your crafting needs! These scissors feature blades coated with titanium, offering increased durability, hardness and resistance to corrosion. They also have a comfort grip, ensuring that the ultimate cutting experience is achieved. With Titan-Edge scissors & shears, you will achieve superior performance at an affordable price and a higher standard of quality.

Pictured on right

#501 Thread Clip

$ 7.95 ea

#564 Hobby/Craft Scissors 5˝”

 $7.95 ea

#570 All-Purpose Scissors 7”

$8.95 ea 

#560 Bent Shears 8˝”

 $9.95 ea

#590 Multi-layer Shear 9˝"
Mundial Inc. guarantees satisfactory performance and freedom from defects in the material, construction and workmanship of this Mundial product for as long as you own it. Misuse and abuse are specifically excluded from guarantee coverage.

Wiss logo

Wiss® Inlaid Shears
These professional shears have hot drop-forged polished blades with the patented set-easy™ pivot.  These 10" shears are big enough for almost any job yet are surprisingly delicate in handling light materials.  The quality of these shears are backed by the Wiss reputation. 

The Knife Edged are similar to the Inlaid 20 but heavier.

Inlaid 20 $38.72 ea.
Knife Edged $53.95 ea.

A pair of Slip-N-Snip Scissors makes the perfect gift for anyone. People use Slip-N-Snip Scissors for all types of activities. Whether they are on the trail, on the road, or back at home, these scissors have millions of uses. Stainless steel blades. Made in the USA.

$7.50 each


Touro ALLSTAR® Mini Cutting Machine
After a few months of not being able to find a source for this amazing machine, it's back in stock! Plus this item is better than ever, with quality that just stands out!

Don't be fooled by the term "Mini". This cutter will cut through several layers of fabric up to 9/32" thick (and up to 10 mm thick neoprene like butter!). It is a huge time saver for small manufacturers, hobby sewers and people with arthritic hands.  Includes two-inch six-sided blade, built-in sharpener, sharpener stone, two extra brushes and more.

$199.95 ea.


Weller 40 Watt Hot Knife 
Until you buy one of these you may not understand how useful it can be!  This hot knife is perfect for cutting and sealing cording, webbing, and synthetic fabrics.  Make your projects more durable so that they last longer.  

Replacement Tips $10.95/each


2" Hot Box Webbing Cutter
This webbing/rope cutter will make a fast job of cutting and sealing webbing or any synthetic material up to 2" wide.  It is fast and easy to use so it will speed up your production time. 

$134.95 /each
Replacement Blade $26.95 each


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