Don't forget to also check out our Lycra and Stretch Fleece for cuffs and waistbands!
Most fleece garments use Lycra for the cuffs and waistbands.  It is usually applied in thinner strips than conventional ribbing, giving a neat appearance.  Stretch fleece is not the most traditional cuff or waistband material but it gives a very snug and comfortable fit.  Apply in the same manner as you would with regular rib knit. 

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1x1 Rib Knit 

Nylon/lycra construction.  This heavy weight rib knit is the one you need for all outerwear projects.  The quality and construction of this ribbing gives it an incredible memory that does not stretch-out like other ribbing.  Use it for cuffs, waistbands and collars. 

Width: 15" (tubular)
 Purple, Orchid, Bright Navy, Royal, Forest Green, Silver Gray, Charcoal Gray, Olive, Brown, White, Black, Ivory, Burgundy, Red

65 per linear inch

Sample Packet:  $4.00 Each

Minimum order is 5 linear inches.

Rib Knits are sold by the linear inch.

Rib Knit is folded over in most applications. 5" would make a 2" cuff.


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Heavy Duty 2x2 Leather Jacket Rib Knit

Constructed with nylon and lycra.  A thicker weave makes this perfect for projects or repairs that need a more rugged look.  Use this rib knit to replace cuffs and waistbands on your leather jackets.  

Width:  31" Flat
Colors: Black, Navy, Brown

95 per linear inch

Sample Packet:  $2.00 Each (includes medium rib knit shown above)

Minimum order is 5 linear inches.

Rib Knits are sold by the linear inch.


Note: Ribbing width is tubular. If you were to cut the rib knit in half and lay it out flat, they would be twice the width (i.e. cut 15" tubular width down the middle and lay it out flat it would actually be 30" wide). Cuffs and waist bands are usual doubled over, so make sure to order twice the amount of inches that you need in length.

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