Universal Schmetz Needles
Schmetz universal home machine needles come in packages of 5.

$4.99 ea (5 needles per pack)

Available sizes: 8, 10, 11, Stretch 11, 12, 14, 16, 18




Schmetz Industrial Sewing Machine Needles 

$7.99 ea (10 needles per pack)

Available sizes: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22

All of the sizes are 135 x 17, SY3355, DPx17



CS Osborne K-1 --- 5 Home Repair Needles  
This variety pack of hand-sewing needles is great for sewing or repairing any number of projects. Each package contains 2 curved upholstery needles, 1 special bent needle for sewing op fowls or wherever sewing with a string is needed, 1 awning or canvas needle - (Can be used on sails too), 1 carpet or very heavy material needle  These are much easier to pack around than a sewing machine!  

$4.95 Each




Osborne K-3 Curved Needles   
Some hand-sewing projects require a curved needle which makes pulling the needle through the material easier.  Keep a good variety of curved needles on hand.  Package contains four sizes of K-3 curved round point needles.  

$5.99 Each


Awl For All

Awl For All  
This lock stitch sewing awl is the perfect hand sewing tool for infield repairs of bags, backpacks, luggage, upholstery, footwear, saddles, awnings, tents and more!  Comes with one reel thread, two different size needles and a wrench/screwdriver.  All needles and tools fit neatly into the handle compartment.   

$11.95 Each


Awl for All 3 Pack Needles
Always keep extra needles on hand.  Needle packs come in packages of 3 needles of your choice of #5 fine, #6 curved, #8 coarse, or a variety pack of all three.

$7.95 Each/

Needle Type  

AWL For All

Awl for All 3 Pack Thread
These packs come with 3 reels of thread in black, white, brown or an assorted pack with one each of black, white, and brown.  Each reel contains 12.5 yards of thread. 

$7.49 Each


AWL For All

Awl for All Large Tube Thread
For large projects a tube of thread is a good idea.  These 1/4 pound tubes come in black, white, or brown.  Each tube has 185 yards of thread.  Choose color when ordering. 

$14.99 Each


Seam Ripper
Any good sewer is a good seam ripper!  Treat yourself to this professional quality seam ripper.  Larger than most, perfect for heavier outdoor applications.  

$1.75 Each


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