Plastic Stays!
Get them while they last! These plastic stays are perfect for adding stiffness to garments and bags.

7" long x 1/2" wide x 1/16" thick

5 each or $2.99 for 100 pcs

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Camera Clip
This little buckle has a collar that slips back toward the retainer allowing access to the opening, then slides forward securely locking in shut.  A good way to attach small accessories.

"   65 each


Grip Clip Suspender Buckle
A great substitute for the generic metal alligator suspender clips. Designed to fit 1.5" elastic, the Grip Clip is fashioned to firmly grip thick insulated ski bibs, as well as single layer nylon.

1"   $1.20 each


1 IN. SUSPENDER CLIP.jpg (89495 bytes)

Suspender Clip
Flip open the front tab and the teeth underneath open wide.  Slip over material, and lock closed.  1"

70 each


Make this belt

with 1" Cotton Belt Webbing

Military Buckle
A quick, easy and inexpensive way to make a belt. 1
" webbing slips into the back of the buckle and is locked into place. Comes with a metal piece that is squeeze onto the tip of the webbing. Works with 1" Cotton Belt Webbing.

Available in black, brass or silver finishes.

$1.50 each


Quick Slip Keeper
This Keeper is split in back so it can be added to webbing that has other hardware already on it. The clip makes it easy to quickly keep webbing out of the way.

1" 50 each
1" 60 each
2" 70 each

Nylon Strap Loop
Attached with screws, the Strap Loop is a common piece of marine hardware that provides a great attachment point for several types of hooking hardware.

Available in white or black.

65 each


Stainless Steel Strap Loop
This stainless Steel Strap Loop is attached with screws and is a common attachment point for all types of hooking hardware. Great for marine applications

$1.10 each


Please note that picture above shows two holes, but only the stainless steel piece has two holes. The nylon piece has one hole

Lash Hook
Screw this piece of hardware down and you have a quick way to lash objects down. Works well with shock cord.

Nylon available in black

Stainless steel also available

Nylon - one hole 50 each
Stainless Steel - two hole $1.00 each
Type and Color  

Gutter Hook
The vinyl coating over this metal hook stops it from marring the surface of the object that it is hooked to. 1" retainer for webbing on both sizes.

Comes in two sizes:

Small - 3/8" hook at its widest point $1.60 ea
Large - 5/8" hook at its widest point $2.10 ea.

Shoulder Pad
Although the name implies that this is a pad, its main function is to keep a should strap from slipping off of your shoulder. Slides easily onto webbing and adds a finishing touch to any shoulder strap assembly.

1" 95 each
1.5" $1.20 each
2" $1.45 each

Elastomer Molded Handle
This is a stylish and functional piece of hardware.  It has an overall length of 16" with a 5" handle that is molded onto 1" webbing.  The stiffness of the handle adds comfort because it keeps the webbing from squeezing your hand. 



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