Ladder Lock Buckle
An easy threading single piece buckle that is designed to hold under tension and release with a lift of a tab.  This makes one-handed adjustment easy, whether releasing or tightening.   Comes in Black.

1/2 Inch 50 each
5/8 Inch 55 each
3/4 Inch 60 each
1" 65 each

Double Adjustable Ladder Lock 
Adjustable from both ends, this ladder lock does not have to be attached at one end and can be easily repositioned or centered.  Great for compression straps.  

3/4 Inch 55 Each
1 Inch 60 Each

Type V Ladder Lock Buckle  
A heavy version of the ladder lock, the Type V is designed to withstand heavier loads.  With its large tab, the Type V Ladder Lock is easy to adjust.  

1 Inch 80 Each

Superloc™ Buckle    
A curved design to this stout buckle minimizes slippage while allowing easy adjustment and adds a great look to any project.  

1"   $0.80 Each


metal and plastic hardware

1.5 Inch Heavy Ladder Lock Buckle 
A heavy 1.5" version of the ladder lock, that will give the ability to use wider webbing, for more support.  

90 Each


2" Contoured Superloc™ Buckle    
The patented design minimizes slippage of the webbing, while allowing smooth and easy tightening.  The Contoured Superloc is unbelievably heavy duty and will even accommodate 2" dive belt. 

$2.20 Each


Quik Attach Tensionlock
This is a handy piece of hardware with a unique slotted bar that can slip into an existing webbing loop to make repairs and retrofits easy.  

1 Inch $1.05 each

sewing hardware

1 Inch Sewable Ladderloc™ Buckle
A ladder lock with a sewable plastic tab that can simplify construction.  Great for sewing directly into the seams of packs and bags.  

1"  60 each


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