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Shell Gloves View B
Overmitt View A
CE75 Shell Overmitts & Gloves

CE55 Mountain Pants
PATTERN CE 35.jpg (45321 bytes)
CE35 Fitted Gaiter
Fleece Pants View A
CE65 Stretch Fleece Pants

CE25 Habitat Hat
fleece gloves
CE45 Fleece Gloves

Pattern Tracing Paper
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Shell Gloves View B

Overmitt View A

#CE75 Shell Overmitts & Gloves
These are unlined weather shells for your gloves or mittens. Keeping the shells separate allows you to replace wet liners as needed or simply adjust the warmth of your under layers to suit the conditions. Unlike other overmitts that are flat and awkward, these are sculpted to fit the hand. The wrist strap and elasticized cord are easy to adjust one-handed. Section inside describes mating these shells to Controlled Exposure #45 Fleece Gloves using Velcro. 

Five sizes cover hands ranging from 6" to 8" long.

What Fabrics To Use?

Notions Required
2 ea.          5/8" Ladder Lock Buckles
.63 yd.       5/8" Webbing
        .33 yd.       1/4" Flat Lacing
1.25 yd.     .125" Shock Cord   
2 ea.          Toggles
        .75 yd.       3/4" Velcro Hook and Loop

$5.50 each


#CE55 Mountain Pants 
These lined Mountain Pants have suspenders that attach only to the front pant and cross at mid-back. Unzip the hips and the seat simply drops away. The low bib, or high waist, enhances protection without trying to be a parka at the same time. 

  • Fully lined and sized to fit over thermals or other pants

  • Optional version has knee & seat patches for extra durability

  • Articulated knees--because legs do bend!

  • Velcro cuff tabs adjust for snug fit

Size Range: Pattern includes sizes XS - XL fitting waist measurements from 24 to 44" (60 - 111 cm).

What Fabrics to Use?

Notions Required
2 ea.          50" - #5 Two-Way Separating Zippers
        4 ea.          Zipper Top Stops
        2 ea.          1" Suspender Buckles
        .63 yd.       #5 Coil Zipper Tape
        2 ea.          #5 Coil Slides
        4 sets         Snaps
        2.63 yd.     1" Heavy Elastic
        .63 yd.       1.25" Elastic
        4 yd.          .75" Grosgrain Ribbon
        .5 yd.         2" Velcro Loop
        .25 yd.       2" Velcro Hook
        .25 yd.       Ballistics Nylon (Instep Shield)
        1 yd.          60" View B - Coated 430 D Packcloth, 330 D or 500 D Cordura (Knee and Seat Patch)

$7.00 each


PATTERN CE 35.jpg (45321 bytes)

#CE35 Fitted Gaiter
The goal here is to deliver a functional and adaptable design trimmed out in such a way that most folks can easily & inexpensively collect the ingredients and won’t need special tools although more demanding options are discussed inside. Size is determined by measurement around your boot cuff since these are form-fitting gaiters. Height of the gaiters is plotted directly from your own measurements.  This gaiter pattern design uses only readily available fabric, hardware and webbing. However, additional, high-performance options are described for the extra ambitious Gaiter “Cobbler”.

Four sizes fit from lightweight hiking to plastic, double boots.

What Fabrics to Use?

  • Bottom Shell - Waterproof and tough like coated Cordura.
  • Bottom Lining - Waterproof & lighter weight like coated Packcloth or Oxford.
  • Uppers - Waterproof-breathable woven fabrics or simply water repellent woven fabrics like heavy Goretex, Ultrex and Storm Tech.

Notions Required
2.5 yd.        .75" Webbing
        1 yd.          2" Velcro Hook and Loop
        .5 yd.         .75" Velcro Loop
        .25 yd.       .75" Velcro Hook
        2 ea.          .75" Ladder Lock Buckles
        2 ea.          .75" D-Rings
        2 ea.          Gaiter Hooks

See also: So you want to make a gaiter...

$4.00 each


Fleece Pants View AFleece Pants View B

#CE65 Stretch Fleece Pants
This pattern details three popular options to offer people ways to keep their legs warm for whatever they do.
View A–The Basic: Pullover with elastic/drawstring waist. Wraparound legs with no outseam. Simple hemmed cuffs.
View B–Wind-Shell Front: Woven fabric overlays the fleece on the front half only with knee pleats for flexibility. Elastic/drawstring waist, optional zippered front pockets, simple hemmed cuffs.
View C–Side Zips: Full length, separating side zippers with interior zipper flaps. Waist and cuff tabs, elastic waist, optional zippered front pockets.

Sizing: Pattern includes sizes XS - XL. Waist measurements range from 24 to 44" (60 to 111 cm) and hip from 31 to 51" (78 to 130 cm). Modifying pattern for different waist-hip size relationship is described within.

What Fabrics to Use?
  • Stretch Fleece - 4-way stretch knits (containing Spandex) and having at least 50% stretch both crosswise and up and down are recommended. Examples are Polartec Powerstretch and Polartec 200S.

  • View B Shell Fabric - A lightweight (1.0 to 2.5 oz./yd2) and tightly woven taffeta, ripstop or similar fabric. Nylon or polyester is recommended. Should generally be uncoated, wind resistant and breathable.

  • Optional Pocket Lining Fabric - Use either the same view B shell fabric above or a lightweight, non-stretchy and nonabsorbent mesh.

Notions Required
All Views

2 yd.          1" Non-Roll Elastic
Views A & B
        2 yd.          Drawstring
Views C
        2 ea.          #5 Two-Way Separating Zipper
        4 ea.          Zipper Top Stops
        3 yd.         1" Grosgrain Ribbon
        2.5 yd.      .5" Grosgrain Ribbon
        .33 yd.      1" Velcro Hook
        .5 yd.        1" Velcro Loop
        .5 yd.        #5 Coil Zipper Tape
        2 ea.         #5 Coil Zipper Sliders

$6.50 each


#CE25 Habitat Hat 
The goals driving this hat design were functionality and versatility. Functional because it seals out the weather but converts for more pleasant conditions. Versatile because there are so many ways to wear it. View A consists of a separate Shell Hat and Fleece Liner. They are worn together for full protection. You can flip up one or both sets of ear flaps to cool down. The Fleece Liner worn alone fits under helmets or hoods and provides streamline insulation when you also need maximum breathability. View B is a one-piece, Insulated Shell Hat that is made with a heavier fleece lining. It’s for those wanting a straightforward, warm hat without keeping track of components.

Sizing:  Pattern includes sizes XS - XL fitting head circumferences from 18 to 241/4" (45 - 62 cm).

What Fabrics to Use?

Notions Required
6 in.          1" Velcro Hook and Loop
        3 in.          .75" Velcro Hook and Loop
        .63 yd.      .75" Elastic
        .63 yd.      Drawstring
        .25 yd.      .75" Grosgrain
        .25 yd.      .125" Shock Cord
Views C
        1 ea.         1/4 yd Lycra Trim

$5.50 each


fleece gloves

#CE45 Fleece Gloves 
These gloves use curved finger inserts and differentially cut palm and backhand pieces for a more natural, relaxed fit in a position you can use. View A is a Fleece Glove with a stretch cuff. Very soft. Very simple. Stretchy and forgiving in sizing. View B is a Shelled Fleece Glove also with a stretch cuff. The Fleece Liner is enclosed in a shell using two types of fabric. “Gripper” fabric is used on the palm sides while another woven fabric makes up the backhand. Still soft. Weather resistant. Warmer with terrific grip.

Five sizes fit hands from 6 to 81/2" long.

What Fabrics to Use?

Materials Required
Fleece Fabric - View A

.25 yd.      Fleece Fabric (Sizes XS-M)
        .33 yd.      Fleece Fabric (Sizes L-XL)
        5 in.          Stretch Fleece Cuffs
Notions - View A
        .25 yd.      3/8" Elastic

Materials Required
Fleece Liner - View B

.25 yd.      Fleece Fabric (Sizes XS-M)
.33 yd.      Fleece Fabric (Sizes L-XL)
Shell Palm Fabric - View B
.25 yd.      Toughtec (Sizes XS-S)
.33 yd.      Toughtec (Sizes M-XL)
Shell Backhand Fabric - View B

.25 yd.      2 Ply Gore-Tex or Ultrex
Cuffs - View B

5 in.          Stretch Fleece Cuffs
Notions - View B

.25 yd.      3/8" Elastic

$5.50 each


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