Cam Buckle   
Uses cam action to provide easy adjustment with the lift of a tab and holds webbing securely in place to prevent unintentional slipping.

3/4 Inch 75 Each
1 Inch 90 Each
1.5 Inch $1.95 Each

Low Profile Cam Buckle   
The low profile design of this Cam Buckle makes it an ideal buckle for designs that need quick and secure adjustment without the bulk of a regular Cam Buckle.  

3/4 Inch 90 Each
1 Inch $1.20 Each

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Dive Cam Buckle
A  2" fiberglass/nylon buckle that is commonly used on scuba diving gear.  The glass filled construction makes the dive cam an extremely strong buckle that accommodates the heavy 2" dive belt as well as other webbing. 

$2.35 Each


1 Inch Metal Super Cam Buckle

Slip 1" webbing through the slot and cinch tight.  The Super Cam is spring loaded and will hold tight until it is released.  Great for tied down straps.  Resistant to corrosion. 

Overall dimensions:
2" Long X 1.38" Wide X .75" High

1"  $2.00 each


Metal Medium Cam Buckle

This cam buckle allows the use of wider webbing but is not a huge buckle. Compact with a strong camming action makes this a useful piece of hardware. Resistant to corrosion.

Overall dimensions:
2 3/8" Long X 2" Wide X 1 1/16" High

1.5"  $2.50 each


Metal Large Super Cam Buckle

So the 1" Super Cam is not enough? Here is the answer. 2" dive belt works the best in this monster buckle. Once cinched tight it holds until released. Resistant to corrosion.

Overall dimensions:
3" Long X 2.38" Wide X 1.25" High

2"  $4.00 each


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