Marine Grade Upholstery Vinyl Colors

NAV-9899 Capri

NAV-9901 Blue Ribbon

NAV-9902 Celestial

NAV-9890 Snow

NAV-9897 Pebble

NAV-9894 Parchment

NAV-9905 Blackbeard

ISL-9152 Lt Gray

NAV-9898 Dolphin

If you don't see the color your looking for, or if you are trying to match a color, please note that almost ever color of the rainbow is available on a special order basis. If you are trying to match a color, please send a sample with your contact information and the yardage you are looking for to:
Seattle Fabrics, Inc
8702 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103
If you know the basic color you are looking for (i.e. red, yellow, purple, etc), please call toll free at 1-866-925-0670 to place an order.

These colors are approximations; if you need to see the true color, please order a sample