200 Denier Heavy Coated F/R Oxford
4 oz per sq. yard 200 Denier. This is not your typical, lightly coated nylon oxford; in addition to being flame retardant, it has a super heavy 1-1/2 ounce flame retardant urethane coating! Giving its superior characteristics, this fabric is waterproof and perfect for applications where weight is critical with out moving up to a heavier fabric. Perfect for displays where flame resistance is required! 
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#2501 - Red


#2606 - Orange
(A little brighter than above)

#2839 - Yellow


#2454 - Green

#2313 - Royal

#2288 - Purple


#2599 - Maroon

#2244 - Magenta

#2075 - White

#2107 - Silver


#2001 - Black


These colors are approximations; if you need to see the true color, please order a sample